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idig denim Nora Tee -Clearance

$30.00 $49.95

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Cool washed black, team it back with a pair of idig denim jeans for the ultimate in understated cool.


Please note: these run small

Size Guide:

86-92 ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ 1-2 YR. ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_̴Ì_

98-104 ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_3-4 YR. ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_

110-116 ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ 5-6 YR. ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_̴Ì_̴Ì_

122-128 ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ 7-8 YR.

134-140 ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_ ̴Ì_9-10 YR

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